Snow stops ride

We have stopped at the general store to take a weather check and it is not good. Only 1 lane in each direction and no hard shoulder so definitely not a risk worth taking We are at 400m here and it looks like the snow line is at 500. The pass is 1450m We are…


TransAmerica day 5

Today was relatively easy. We had uphill all the way but a gentle tail wind pretty much negated the gentle ascent. It’s the 4 day of almost continuous rain so we are ready for some better weather After 22km I got our first puncture. Luckily the rain eased up for me to fix it. Funnily…


TransAmerica day 3

Miserable! We set off in pouring rain and 5C so we weren’t too motivated but as we have a time limit on this trip we have no choice but to ride We started on the scenic old 101 which was deserted of traffic and really beautiful with huge lichen covered trees all around After that…


TransAmerica day 1

Overnight in a typical motel with zero sound insulation. We had to share a bed, which is not a problem but we had trucks driving through our room all night 🥲 Breakfast in the local café then back to the museum which is the official start of the TransAmerica Trail Let the adventure begin! Really…


Bike ready to fly

My tourer for the TransAmerica Trail is now dismantled as far as necessary to fly, air out of the tyres, front wheel, front mudguard and handlebars removed so it fits in the box. I just need to tape it closed and add some ‘fragile’ stickers 👍