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If you have ridden with us you should be able to find your photo here

Pyrenees 2012

A selection of photos from our MTB trip to the Peña Montañesa

Pyrenees flowers

Some of the flowers we encountered during our MTB rides in the Pyrenees
Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber)

Local flora & fauna

Some photos of the local flora and fauna taken around our home
11 Steden-24.jpg

11 Steden tocht

Some of the photos from our cycle tour of the famous skating race course of over 200km. We had storm force winds and rain, but enjoyed it anyway

Prag to Porec by tandem

Our summer 2014 trip from Prague to Porec in Croatia

Mother's 80th birthday

Our family get together to celebrate Mother's 80th birthday.

Annapurna 2011

Photos from our attempt to ride our bikes over the Thorong La pass (5,416m) on the Annapurna Circuit during the rainy season.
Carding Mill Valley

Christmas 2011

Our walk in the Carding Mill valley, Church Stretton

Pyrenees 2010

Our MTB tour in the Spanish Pyrenees

Gran Canaria road bike holiday

Photos of our week training in Gran Canaria
Niagara River

Niagara Falls

My short working trip to Brantford left me a day free to visit the fabulous Niagara Falls
Magnificent view of SOH from the Manly ferry

Australia 2013

Photos from our first visit to Australia where we spent Christmas and New Year with Fop & Freya.

Photo of the day

A selection of the best recent photos

3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. I stumbled across your website/facebook page and made some connections from the other side of the world.
    We share a common ancestry with Ruth Eyre and John Walker from Hayfield in the Peak District.
    Their son George Edward journeyed to Brisbane in 1849 and started a line in Australia of which I am one.
    I have been aware of the remarkable Prairie Violet Walker for a few years, and have tried to track her family. I can’t tell you how interesting the family has been, including up to the present.
    Tracking ancestors keeps me in the saddle. Pushies are a bit beyond my energy level!

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