Canyon Nerve XC 9.0 rear suspension bearing change


I was a little upset when Canyon told me they wouldn’t give me an explosion drawing of the rear suspension assembly for my Nerve XC 9.0 as the bearinngs on the chain stays at the crank end had worn out and I had rear wheel steering, something I didn’t really want!.

The parts ready for re-assembly

Anyway, I worked it out myself and took some photos of the process which I hope will help anyone else who doesn’t have time to send their beloved Canyon back to the factory for a service.

You can read about it in the pdf article here: Canyon Nerve XC9.0 chain-stay bearing replacement

Don’t have Adobe Reader?  get it here


2 thoughts on “Canyon Nerve XC 9.0 rear suspension bearing change

  1. This helped me a lot!! The head of the long bolt broke clean off when I wanted to service the pivot. I needid to know how the pivot point worked from the inside. Then I found your picture of the parts of the rear end on Google. Then I saw on your post that the bolt only had threds at the end and only locked in the back peace. So I could after some drilling tap the bolt with the opasite baring and aluminium thing out. Thank god!

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