Solar heating installation

July 2007

As the price of heating oil is going up and up we decided to look at the possibility of alternative heat.

Photocell electrical generation appears to be too young at the moment and the return is not very efficient

Solar energy, on the other hand, is simple and efficient.

We had already looked at the possibility when heating oil reached 0.75€/litre and my estimation was that the installation would pay for itself within 10 years.  This calculation is a bit of estimation because we don’t know exactly how much oil goes into warm water and how much into heating because the system is integrated.  However, with the subsidies offered, I am confident that it will pay for itself sooner rather than later.  This is even more certain now that heating oil is over the 1.00€ mark.

We had a problem to put the panels on the roof, because our heating is fat from the roof in an outhouse!

We chose to install the panels as near to the heating as possible and on the ground.

We only need 2 panels and they are simply placed on the ground and perfectly face south.

They have now been in service for 1 week (commissioned 01/07/2008) and our central heating boiler has been idle since then and we have had enough hot water for all our needs.

I will be interested to see how much we can benefit in the less sunny periods and will update this page after a few months

The 300l tank and the electronic controller were installed next to our existing boiler in the outhouse.

All this work was done in 2 days by EcoSun, who I can highly recommend!

You can find them at


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