Spooky moonrise

_DSC9975I was too slow setting up, the picture would have been better just as the moon came out over the treetops, I had to retrieve my tripod from Ria’s telescope and set up, by then the moon had risen a bit too high, even so, it was a great moonrise

Hammer Weekend

snow on the bike routeThe weather was so good this weekend we didn’t need much persuading we were out Mountain Biking yesterday, then I went out on the tandem with Veda today while Ria was hiking in the nearby countryside.

Veda and I covered 91km and 900m of ascent, which was actually too much for this early in the season and our (my) fitness, but it was a beautiful ride and I don’t regret a second.

When cyclists go skiing

Here is a little film I put together following our cross-country skiing yesterday.  As you can see, we are better cyclists than skiers but we had so much fun.  The weather was perfect, cold and sunny with no wind. The snow was deep, just the pistes were in a bad state which was a shame but the snow was so hard that retracing the piste was not possible.

How to make an old man happy (& yourself too)

Jos back on his bike

Jos back on his bike

If you want to make an old man happy, take him out of the old peoples home and go for a bike ride with him.

We were up in Antwerp again this week end.  We still have some tidying up to do but it was such a gorgeous day we had already planned to take Ria’s father out for a ride.  He is actually happy in the old peoples home , he just misses riding his bike.

So we took him out for a ride in the countryside around Nieuwmoer where he knows just about every rideable road and track.  We just went for an hour, but that was exactly what he needed.  Very satisfying to make someone so happy with something so simple and doing something you love to do yourself at the same time!IMG_3074

Cold weather reaches -20°C

We were under the -20°C this morning, no water in the house as the mains were frozen behind the kitchen units.

We already had the ‘fridge open to heat the house, now we can open the freezer to heat the house as well 🙂