Botrange forbidden Zone C

 Because Ria is taking the ‘Zone C’ exam to be allowed to lead select groups through the forbidden C zone on the High Fenn, we got the chance to go with her into the Fagne de Cléfaye.  The duckboards are rotten, but the nature is completely unspoilt. A very interesting little walk

Good walk

The picturesque church of Weweler

The picturesque church of Weweler

We were out today with Veda, on foot for a change, 🙁 as Ria has some preparation to do for a class next week.  Great walk around Burg Reuland on a beautiful sunny day



We joined Vanessa for breakfast before squeezing into our Cinquecento (not much leg room in the back!) and driving down to Portofino.  The weather was looking better than yesterday so we decided to take a picnic with us and walk from Portofino to San Fruttouso along the cliff path.

A coffee on the waterfront (5.00€!!) and watching the boats bob in the water was very relaxing, although the coffee was priced for the usual millionaire guests and not the likes of us.  Later we discovered that Portofino is a favorite amongst the jet set! Continue reading

Center map

Out in the countryside

Jackson's coppice

Darcy, my Father’s dog, and I were out in the countryside again today for a walk in woods and fields.  Complete peace and quiet for 2 hours is really great.  We only met a tractor, some deer and a few rabbits!

We went along the lane to Jackson’s coppice which we used to call Badger Wood because there were, and still are, badgers there; surprisingly enough!  It is now part of the Wildlife Trust so it has been tidied up and there is a trail around the edge with seats.  From there we just went up and round on a big loop to arrive back at home a good hour and a half later. Continue reading