The Great English Roast Christmas Dinner

Christmas 2012 5

Christmas roast dinner

This is the main reason for my 3 kg weight gain over Christmas: the great English Roast Christmas dinner

Contents: Roast turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, roast carrots, sausages wrapped in bacon, french beans in a courgette ring, Brussels sprouts, bread sauce, cranberry sauce and gravy!  Served on our Copeland Spode

This is Ria’s plate, you won’t find bread sauce anywhere near my plate, I hate the stuff!

Now we just have to survive New Year’s party and then the diet can begin!

Of course we spent the entire time eating and not taking much exercise as the weather was British: rain, rain, rain and more rain

Don’t want another week like that

We are back from good ol’ Blighty. I usually love to go home and see the family but this was a visit I don’t want to repeat.  We were there to attend the funeral of our nephew Hugh.

Hugh is the same age as Christopher and his life was tragically and abruptly ended in a car accident.

There aren’t any words to say but I suppose we should celebrate his life rather than mourn his death, but that is not easy.

Rest in peace Hugh.

A border control conundrum

A British citizen, a Belgian citizen, a Nepali student studying in Aachen driving a Luxembourg registered car going from France to England. This was a bit complicated for the border control ☺so we got questioned at French customs, British customs and the border control.
Still everyone was polite and satisfied so we are off the Adam & Ying’s wedding

Christmas in England

Waterfall in the Carding Mill Valley

We were over in good ol’ Blighty for Christmas with the usual too much food, too much drink and not enough exercise.  However we did get out and show Veda a bit of the English country side.  We went with Adam and Ying to the Long Mynd at Church Stretton which is on the Welsh border, not far from Shrewsbury.

We had a great family Christmas with all the family except the Fop (stuck in New Zealand, poor boy)

Photos of our day out on the Long Mynd can be seen here

Center map

Veda’s visa for the UK

11.11.2011 is Remembrance Day for the over 17,000,000 people who lost their lives in the First World War.  It is also a date that Veda won’t forget in a hurry.

We applied for his UK visa on the 3rd November and it was issued on the 7th November so we went to pick it up on Friday 11.11.  It is good to see that the UK consular division work slightly better the Belgian one, who took 6 months to end up refusing his visa because he was studying in Germany and not Belgium.

We will now be able to celebrate Christmas in the traditional English style with my family, quite a big new adventure forVeda and a chance to see another European country during the week between Christmas and New Year.

Visa4UK ripoff

I’ve just been looking at the cost and work involved to get Veda a visa for the UK.

You can do it online: good

They require your biometric data: bad!  Not ‘bad’ because it does prevent fraud but you have to go to Brussels to have you fingers scanned and a digital photo of you face.  No problem BUT you have to do this every time you apply for a visa and it costs 124€ on top of the visa application fee. Continue reading