Monschau for lunch


What better way to spend Sunday than on your bike?  We took our tandem and joined up with Mika & Andy on their Mountain bikes to ride to Monschau for lunch.  Cool weather at the start soon turned into pure sunshine and 16°C.  The colours in the Fenn were fantastic, lunch was great and, of course it was a great ride (100,8km and 645m of ascent)

Broken Rohloff drive sprocket


Broken Rohloff 17t drive sprocket

Veda and I were nearly home when our Santos Double Travel broke down!  Here is the photo of the drive sprocket, which also shows 2 more fissures (12 & 5 o’clock)  considering that the chain is always pulling straight so there is no lateral force applied to the sprocket, I wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem.  I would really like to understand how this can happen.

Hammer Weekend

snow on the bike routeThe weather was so good this weekend we didn’t need much persuading we were out Mountain Biking yesterday, then I went out on the tandem with Veda today while Ria was hiking in the nearby countryside.

Veda and I covered 91km and 900m of ascent, which was actually too much for this early in the season and our (my) fitness, but it was a beautiful ride and I don’t regret a second.

A different Tandem

IMG_3991Back in Queenscliff now and Ria and I took another sort of tandem ride this afternoon.  We hired a K2 kayak and paddled out to Quarantine Head, Manley which is where all arrivals in Australia were checked and quarantined before being allowed to enter Australia.

We passed innumerable VERY expensive boats, some bigger than our house! (and certainly more expensive)

This was the first time in over 30 years that I have kayaked, and I loved it.  Of course, back in the day, we never had water this warm or so much sun, that was more ice floating the river and temperatures of around 10° max!

Photos: Prague to Porec by Tandem

_DSC6553At last I have managed to upload the photos of our summer tandem ride from Prague to Porec following the Benjaminse route.

We did 1,024km; 9,922m and were for  64h01min in the saddle.  Really enjoyed the whole trip with Ria and Ronny I think Slovenia was the most surprising country.  Great scenery, friendly people and really not touristic at all.

Next year we will be parking our tandem and going back to MTB for a TransAlp with a load of our MTB friends from our Saturday group.  Should be goooood 🙂

Park on the left

ParkingI wonder how long it will be before I can park one space to the left?

We were in Heimbach today to ride round the Rursee Talsperre.  Good ride, not the best we have had for scenery but I think we have seen so many fantastic places that we didn’t do this one justice.  It’s a good ride anyway and there were plenty of others out enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

The old railway line to Bernkastel-Kues

Veda admires the old town

Veda admires the old town


Today we went for a ride in Germany with Veda.  We drove to Plein, left the car there and rode down the old railway line to Bernkastel-Kues.

Passing through Wittlich, which isn’t anything special, the rest of the route is beautiful.  3 tunnels on the way quite near the start of the ride where they have found a way of protecting the bat community by placing a false roof between the cyclists and the bats so both can use the tunnel together.  Shame they couldn’t do that on the route from Burg-Reuland to Troisvierges!

It is a gentle descent all the way, about 250m of descent over 27km.  We then rode along the Mosel to Ürzig where we took the road up through the vineyards back to Wittlich and back over the way we came.

The road to Wittlich was not fun with too much traffic but climbing up through the vineyards gave us great view of the Mosel valley.

Good ride and quite an easy one



Ready to Roll

Atzerath to Venice route 2013So here we are, all revved up and ready to go!  Destination Venice, transport medium: Santos Double Travel tandem.  1,300km and an unknown number of meters of ascent waiting ahead.  I can’t wait!

We’ll be posting on Facebook as often as possible with our progress!