A perfect day?

Perfect evening

Perfect evening

Pretty good day today, in fact a pretty good WE all together.  Saturday was electric day and I finished the electricity to the garden house, just need to fix up some lights now and then it is done!

This gave me time to make a big ride today.  Ria is away climbing in Morocco so I asked Ronny Krings, who is coming with us on our trip to Venice in August, to be my stoker on the tandem and ride a possible route for the first day to Venice.

Ronny proved to be a great stoker and got used to ‘tandem style’ pretty quickly.  We rode 130km basically from here to Troisvierges and then the ‘Wentger Grenzentour’ down to (nearly) Bastogne and back.  Beautiful weather and a good ‘spag boll’ for lunch meant we were fit for everything we have proved our fitness is up to the tour; although we had no luggage we did 1574m of ascent, 130km with a reasonable average speed of 22.4km/h

Following the ride a beer (or 2) in the garden house, which is what we built it for 🙂  Now I am sitting here with a beer (the last Erdinger which I found in my fridge).  Internet is here as well so I have music, internet, a beer, a (not too) sore behind.  Bliss 😉



After waiting longer than necessary we were equipped with our Cinquecento and set off to meet up with Vanessa in Genoa.  Fog all the way across the Po valley so nothing to see.  The car is fine if a bit low on power: 1.2l petrol producing 51Kw is not going to win any races!

An accident just on the exit to Genoa meant that we were stuck, no problem with a Cinquecento, just squeeze between the trucks and continue to the next exit.  Vanessa was waiting for us at our guest house, Meuble Suisse (read my praise via the link) in the centre of town and just 10 minutes walk from Vanessa’s digs.  the Cinquecento is a perfect car for the narrow roads in Genoa and easy to park, it really is small.

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Center map

Out in the countryside

Jackson's coppice

Darcy, my Father’s dog, and I were out in the countryside again today for a walk in woods and fields.  Complete peace and quiet for 2 hours is really great.  We only met a tractor, some deer and a few rabbits!

We went along the lane to Jackson’s coppice which we used to call Badger Wood because there were, and still are, badgers there; surprisingly enough!  It is now part of the Wildlife Trust so it has been tidied up and there is a trail around the edge with seats.  From there we just went up and round on a big loop to arrive back at home a good hour and a half later. Continue reading

Veda makes Nepali tea

Veda is back from the RWTH where he is following a German crash course and now is teaching us the art of making Nepali tea.

Veda makes Nepali tea

It is not the same as in the Ashram, but we will keep trying until we get the recipe right.  We have the ingredients from Nepal but maybe our technique or the tea is not yet perfect.

Veda’s first bike ride

Veda, Ria, Vanessa & Julia ready to leave

I’m stuck at home and can’t join the usual Tuesday evening ride because of my broken pelvis but Veda joined Ria, Vanessa and Julia for his first mountain bike ride in Belgium.  It was only 3°C this morning but it is now 1°C and a bit of sun.  I which I could join them so let’s hope it all goes well! Continue reading

Annapurna circuit day 23 Return home

Last day in the Ashram, last Dal Baht, last slugs for breakfast (I won’t actually be missing that at home!)  Today I got a special slug mixture for breakfast and they wouldn’t tell me what was actually in it apart from the usual slug and banana.  It looked like tuna, but it wasn’t; anyway it made the swallowing harder again.  Oh well it was the last dose! Continue reading