A perfect day?

Perfect evening

Perfect evening

Pretty good day today, in fact a pretty good WE all together.  Saturday was electric day and I finished the electricity to the garden house, just need to fix up some lights now and then it is done!

This gave me time to make a big ride today.  Ria is away climbing in Morocco so I asked Ronny Krings, who is coming with us on our trip to Venice in August, to be my stoker on the tandem and ride a possible route for the first day to Venice.

Ronny proved to be a great stoker and got used to ‘tandem style’ pretty quickly.  We rode 130km basically from here to Troisvierges and then the ‘Wentger Grenzentour’ down to (nearly) Bastogne and back.  Beautiful weather and a good ‘spag boll’ for lunch meant we were fit for everything we have proved our fitness is up to the tour; although we had no luggage we did 1574m of ascent, 130km with a reasonable average speed of 22.4km/h

Following the ride a beer (or 2) in the garden house, which is what we built it for 🙂  Now I am sitting here with a beer (the last Erdinger which I found in my fridge).  Internet is here as well so I have music, internet, a beer, a (not too) sore behind.  Bliss 😉


Schlass Urspelt

the chateau from in the courtyard

Great location. Excellent hotel except for the beds which have 2 faults: too soft for my taste (obviously a personal preference) the worst is the plastic under sheet, this is ‘formula 1’ hotel style and completely unacceptable in a 4 star hotel
Good breakfast and free WiFi everywhere even if the signal is sometimes weak (very thick walls)

Center map