Photos: Prague to Porec by Tandem

_DSC6553At last I have managed to upload the photos of our summer tandem ride from Prague to Porec following the Benjaminse route.

We did 1,024km; 9,922m and were for  64h01min in the saddle.  Really enjoyed the whole trip with Ria and Ronny I think Slovenia was the most surprising country.  Great scenery, friendly people and really not touristic at all.

Next year we will be parking our tandem and going back to MTB for a TransAlp with a load of our MTB friends from our Saturday group.  Should be goooood 🙂

Helinox Eureka chair one vs. Thermarest Compack chair

IMG_3101 IMG_3103I bought the Helinox chair one after our trip to Venice in 2013 because a chair was probably the thing I missed most.  I then bought the Thermarest Compack chair because Ria also needs one 🙂

The Helinox plus points:

  • super quality
  • light (<1,00 kg)
  • unbelievably comfortable
  • seat height is good

The Helinox minus points

  • bulky compared to the Thermarest


The Thermarest plus points

  • super compact
  • very light (<200g)
  • surprisingly comfortable

The Thermarest minus points

  • you sit on the floor


We haven’t actually used either of them yet so I can’t give a winner today.  The both have advantages and disadvantages, weight is always a concern but I want a comfortable chair and the Helinox is more comfortable.

We’ll see which is a winner after our trip from Prague to Porec…..

Ready to Roll

Atzerath to Venice route 2013So here we are, all revved up and ready to go!  Destination Venice, transport medium: Santos Double Travel tandem.  1,300km and an unknown number of meters of ascent waiting ahead.  I can’t wait!

We’ll be posting on Facebook as often as possible with our progress!

Last ride in Gran Canaria

The long and winding climb on perfect macadam

Our last ride today so we wanted to ride to the top of the island at 1,920m above sea level and as we were starting from our hotel, we were starting at 10m.  20km steady climb through Mogan followed by 6km ‘flat’ along the side of the the reservoir Presa de la Cueva de Las Ninas to be culminated by a steeper 20km climb to the top.

We were in good form even after yesterday’s big ride and took our time to enjoy the scenery on the perfect blacktop and arrived at Ayacata (1,300m) to be greeted by clouds shrouding the rest of the climb and looking like rain.  A change of plan was called for so we took the road down from Ayacata to San Bartolome de Tirajana and Fataga where we stopped for a coffee and a snack because it was only 11°C and we were cold and hungry.  From Fataga it is a beautiful descent to Maspalomas with just one decent climb alongside the deep canyon.

In Maspalomas we took the coast road with a tailwind to start which turned on us fo rthe last 15km.  The coast road is an undulating, quiet road with excellent blacktop, 30km & 500m of ascent bringing us back to our hotel in Puerto de Mogan.

We were back in time for a swim before bringing the bikes back to Free Motion.

Today’s data: 102.6km, 2088m climb, 5:17h in the saddle.