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ParkingI wonder how long it will be before I can park one space to the left?

We were in Heimbach today to ride round the Rursee Talsperre.  Good ride, not the best we have had for scenery but I think we have seen so many fantastic places that we didn’t do this one justice.  It’s a good ride anyway and there were plenty of others out enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

The old railway line to Bernkastel-Kues

Veda admires the old town

Veda admires the old town


Today we went for a ride in Germany with Veda.  We drove to Plein, left the car there and rode down the old railway line to Bernkastel-Kues.

Passing through Wittlich, which isn’t anything special, the rest of the route is beautiful.  3 tunnels on the way quite near the start of the ride where they have found a way of protecting the bat community by placing a false roof between the cyclists and the bats so both can use the tunnel together.  Shame they couldn’t do that on the route from Burg-Reuland to Troisvierges!

It is a gentle descent all the way, about 250m of descent over 27km.  We then rode along the Mosel to Ürzig where we took the road up through the vineyards back to Wittlich and back over the way we came.

The road to Wittlich was not fun with too much traffic but climbing up through the vineyards gave us great view of the Mosel valley.

Good ride and quite an easy one



A border control conundrum

A British citizen, a Belgian citizen, a Nepali student studying in Aachen driving a Luxembourg registered car going from France to England. This was a bit complicated for the border control ☺so we got questioned at French customs, British customs and the border control.
Still everyone was polite and satisfied so we are off the Adam & Ying’s wedding

Audi A4: first breakdown in 214,000km

The banana

A sad day on Saturday.  We were returning from eating with friends in Aachen when my Audi A4 broke down. Well, not really a breakdown just a puncture but I don’t have a spare tyre but Audi’s ‘Tyre mobility set’ which is some latex ‘milk’ and a compressor.  This is may be fine if you have a small hole but my puncture was big enough to put your finger in so it wouldn’t seal.

I phoned the insurance and they told me they could only help if I had had an accident.  I ended up calling a breakdown truck and being transported home!

So much for ‘tyre mobility’, the evening will probably cost me another 150€.  We had a good meal and a good laugh before, but the evening was rather spoilt by this little problem.


Rurmarathon went wrong

Today’s ride: 3:38hrs; 51.24km, 840m ascent; Problems: I forgot to put the track on my GPS and had to try to remember the route!

Veda near Einruhr

Again we just had to out in deciduous forest this weekend as it promised to be perfect weather, and it was!

Ria was not feeling well but Christophe Gallo joined Veda and me for a ride orotund the dams at Einruhr.  I really wanted to show Veda the 2 great single trail descents: One from Vogelsang to the lake and the other from the other side back down to the lake.

My problem was that I had forgotten to put the route onto my GPS and had to try to remember the route.  Of course I couldn’t, so we set off in approximately the right direction to climb up to Vogelsang.  We had a short look around the old Nazi training camp before completely missing the good descent to the lake 🙁  We ended riding down a tarred road instead of a great single trail.

I knew where the other single trail came out and just had to find the start, again I completely failed to find it and actually ended up at the wrong dam.  The downhill was at least OK but then we had to turn back and ride around the edge of the lake to get back to the car.

All in all it was a great day which went wrong, al the same we had a great ride 🙂

More photos

Zisterzienser MTB Tour

Today’s data: 3:10 hrs riding; 41.19km; 720m ascent; Problems: none!

Zisterzienser Runde

Autumn means we HAVE to ride in the deciduous forests to enjoy the best colours of the year!

The Zisterzeinser Tour is one we rode following a tip in MountainBike Magazine in Germany way back in 2007.  It is really beautiful, especially in Autumn because of the leaves turning.

Werner, Brigitta, Alois and André joined Ria Veda and me for this tour.  It was pretty wet under our tyres and the view could have been better but the clouds were too low. Nonetheless we could see quite far and the temperature was around 12-15°C which was great.  The trails were just a good as they were 4 years ago and only Werner found the distance a bit hard on his posterior for which there is only 1 cure: hours in the saddle!  The best descent is when you turn into the forest above Meerfelder Maar, it suddenly turns dark and there is a great single trail down to the Maar with steps to jump and plenty of roots to be careful over. 🙂

Zisterzienser Runde

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Flammeküchen in Trier

Riding past the Kyll in autumn

We try to do this every year for Ria’s birthday.  Last year we didn’t make it because of either bad weather or just too many other things going on.  We ride from here (Atzerath or nearby) to Trier Ehrang, eat a Flammeküchen and then take the bike train back to Gerolstein.

The ride from hearer is over 100km following the Kylltal, but it is downhill all the way (almost!) and is a really beautiful route, especially in Autumn.  This time we set off from Gerolstein as last year the train didn’t bring us back to where our cars were parked and we had to ride in the dark without lights to get to them!

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