Our new raised veggie garden

  Our garden is small and overrun with slugs so we asked Alois to make us a raised veggie garden. Sägewerk Hoffmann have everything to prefabricate it and even take into account the slope of the lawn 👌. 

Now we just need to fill it with the autumn leaves and some good, slug egg free, potting soil and we should be good for our own organic veggies next year 😄

Water frozen……again!

icicles on the garage gutter

We have been having problems with the water freezing in the house on and off for the last 2 weeks.  The temperature here hasn’t risen above -5°C and has been down to -20.5°C.

Now it seems that it is not our water that is frozen but the external supply from the SWDE.  I am now quite good at locating the frozen pipes in our house and can usually get them defrosted in less than 1/2 hour.  Not today!

At least the forecast is predicting warmer weather (around 0°C) but we will be shoveling snow instead of defrosting pipes.  Roll on summer 🙂

Our first tomato

Big day today!

Our first organic tomato

After Ron removed the ugly bush which was in between our houses and made a little terrace there we (Ria) have planted tomatoes against the wall.  The terrace is a real sun trap (when the sun shines in Belgium) so we are hoping to gat a good crop of our own organic tomatoes.

Here is the first one!