How to pack a handlebar

This arrived at the office today, it’s a motorbike handle bar for a motocross machine.

Obviously, if you don’t have a box that fits you just cut the ends and send it like that!

Luckily such pieces are robust and made to take a few knocks in their lifetime 🙂


Cold weather reaches -20°C

We were under the -20°C this morning, no water in the house as the mains were frozen behind the kitchen units.

We already had the ‘fridge open to heat the house, now we can open the freezer to heat the house as well 🙂


Cacit vitamin D3

My doctor prescribed this supplement (Calcit vitamin D3) to ensure rapid repair of my broken pelvis.  It comes in 8g sachets which you add to water before drinking.  Easy!

But when you add it to a glass of water you get a volcanic eruption which empties the glass! It’s great fun to watch but not very practical.  Only by adding the sachet contents VERY slowly whilst stirring furiously can you get the full dose in the glass.

Great fun!