Hertz car rental

just arrived for a stopover in Calgary to get a mail from Herz telling me they don’t have a car for me!  Brilliant. What should I do ? Walk?

I just deleted their app from my phone to be sure they don’t get my business I the future. Should have bought my bike! 

At least KLM had excellent service on the flight here. Even bike on their goblets 

Niagara Falls

I was out in Canada for the first time a couple of weeks ago on a course at Tigercat.  As my flight was twice as expensive to come home on Friday instead of waiting until Sunday, I had the chance to visit Toronto and hired a car on Saturday to go and visit the Niagara Falls.

Of course it had to be an American muscle car so I got my hands on a Dodge Charger (300hp, rear-wheel drive and zero traction in the wet)

Now I know why you aren’t allowed to drive fast in the North America: their cars are so hopeless in the handling / roadholding department that it is a real risk to try anything other than driving in a straight line above 50mph!

Anyway, I enjoyed beating the traction control at every crossing because it was wet, in fact it rained all day!

The Niagara Falls are really worth visiting, even if you have to pay $18 for the car park and fight your way through the crowds!  I posted a few photos in the photo album.