Lytro light field photography

I’ve been playing with Lytro light field photography. Here is a sample photo, the left side fork of my Canyon XC9.0.  Click anywhere to refocus. It should be embedded, but that doesn’t seem to work! The iOS9 app doesn’t work nor does the desktop app in El Capitan.  Seems that Lytro are a bit behind with the development of the software around their futuristic camera.  Pity, because the pictures are quite fun. Link to the photo here

Mountain bike prep

Liteville 301 Mk8Spent the afternoon fitting the second Nokon gear change cable to my Liteville 301, changing the tyres (from front to back and a new Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2,25” on the front)

Serviced my Crank Bros Egg-beater (mine are red) pedals too.

Now my Liteville is nearly ready for the winter season, just need to change the small and middle chain-rings and chain to be complete.

I also serviced the free-wheel hub on the Cube which Veda is riding as is was slipping once in a while yesterday.

Didn’t get around to finishing off Ria’s Scott Genius which will get a complete new drive line (Chain-rings, cassette, chain and gear change cable)

New rear gear cable

Nokon gear cableSpent an hour changing the damaged rear gear cable on my beloved Liteville 301 for Nokon aluminium segment ones.  It runs through the frame to get to the rear and the old one was really tight to remove, probably because it was blocked with dirt where it goes from the bottom bracket into the right chain stay.

Advantages of these aluminium segment cables is their flexibility and strength, they are much better for tight bends than the multi-strand wire ones usually used.  The gear change feels really good, but they always do when new so tie will tell 🙂

We’ll see how long this one lasts.  The original ones have done 5,673km; 109,843m and 422hrs of ride time.  It was still running quite well, but I damaged the old one and it was bothering me a bit.

How to pack a handlebar

This arrived at the office today, it’s a motorbike handle bar for a motocross machine.

Obviously, if you don’t have a box that fits you just cut the ends and send it like that!

Luckily such pieces are robust and made to take a few knocks in their lifetime 🙂


Santos Double Travel tandem

Santos Double Travel

Our bike collection is about to get bigger. We have ordered our tandem from Santos.  A Santos Double Travel touring tandem with Rohloff Speedhub 14 speed.

Ours is yellow!

I really wanted it with Gates carbon drive to be virtually maintenance free, but Santos haven’t released a carbon drive frame yet.  You can’t really convert a bike either, as you have to make a cut in the frame to install the belt because it is not joinable like a chain.

We are expecting delivery at the end of July so we will probably pick it up after the MTB Pyrenees trip.

Our first big tour will be next summer when we will ride from Atzerath to Rome, returning with the bus or train.  We’ll be carrying our luggage but sleeping in hotels.  Expect more on this subject once we have done some smaller weekend tours.