Siskin suicide attempt

When I got up yesterday I was just opening the curtains when I heard a gentle tap on our french window.  I’ve heard that sound before but never when the curtains were closed.  Sometimes we get birds who think that they can fly through our house only to crash into the closed window [maybe Ria should clean them less?] this little Siskin knocked himself out, but was still breathing so I picked him up and kept him warm in my hand for about 10 minutes as he started to come around.  Once he opened his eyes again I put him in the garden where he was well camouflaged.  15 minutes later he was flying again 🙂


Hiking weekend

The lonley Fenn in Winter

We had the entire group from Ria‘s Peru trip come over to East Belgium for some hiking this weekend.

Yesterday they went into Germany around Bleialf, today we went into the Fenn.  It snowed all day but the nature was still so beautiful and where we hiked was virgin snow.  Fantastic to break through fresh snow that sometimes comes up to your knees,but pretty hard work especially as the ground underneath was nor frozen but boggy.  Still it was a great weekend and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.IMG_5666 IMG_5665

Monschau for lunch


What better way to spend Sunday than on your bike?  We took our tandem and joined up with Mika & Andy on their Mountain bikes to ride to Monschau for lunch.  Cool weather at the start soon turned into pure sunshine and 16°C.  The colours in the Fenn were fantastic, lunch was great and, of course it was a great ride (100,8km and 645m of ascent)

Botrange forbidden Zone C

 Because Ria is taking the ‘Zone C’ exam to be allowed to lead select groups through the forbidden C zone on the High Fenn, we got the chance to go with her into the Fagne de Cléfaye.  The duckboards are rotten, but the nature is completely unspoilt. A very interesting little walk

X country skiing

Manderfeld skiWe were out in the glorious sunshine this afternoon with a first for Veda: X-country skiing.

The weather was perfect: cold (-10°C last night but just -2°C now) , no wind and sunshine.  The snow was perfect too having minus temperatures  for the past week.  veda found downhill difficult (who doesn’t on cross country skis?) but thoroughly enjoyed the day.

A well earned ‘Gluhwein’ (mulled wine for the British) to finish the day off!

Oh yes, for Ronny, Mika & Andy, Werner & Brigitta: the chocolate cake was sublime!

An inside look at the wind park, Amel

Wind park Amel

Wind park Amel

Veda and I were out mountain biking on Sunday and we came across 2 rare things.







  1. Frogspawn.  This seems to be a bit early in the year for Frogspawn so let’s hope it survives the cold spell we are going through now.



  2. We got to see the inside of one of the wind generators at the Amel wind park.  The men were servicing one of the turbines and allowed us to have a floor level guided tour.  Interestingly the turbines have no gearbox, produce AC which is transformed to DC in the turbine before descending to the transformer where it is converted back to AC and leaves the mast at 50Hz.  This is the only way to get clean 50Hz power acceding to the engineer who was guiding us. Each tower is 98m high and it takes 7 minutes to reach the top with the lift.  All 5 are synchronised and work together.  The most complicated part is the 3 motor system to adjust the plane of the 3 propellers.

On top of that we had a good ride apart from Veda slipping and falling on a slippery wooden bridge.  Luckily no lasting damage. 🙂


Good walk

The picturesque church of Weweler

The picturesque church of Weweler

We were out today with Veda, on foot for a change, 🙁 as Ria has some preparation to do for a class next week.  Great walk around Burg Reuland on a beautiful sunny day