Apple Jack

Jack at home with MAC

Jack at home with MAC

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are an ‘Apple family’.  There are no PCs in our house.  It now seems that our 14 year old Jack Russell has joined us!

I was at home for New Year’s Eve due to a heavy cold and we, Fop, Veda and I, watched some TV series and a film.  Jack made herself comfortable on the settee behind Veda with there head on Veda’s mac.  It can’t have been very comfortable, but maybe a little warm from the heavy mathematical calculations it has to perform for Veda.

Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas

Nice idea, but it doesn’t work!

Apple’s 12 days of Christmas is a free iPhone & iPad app through which Apple gives away a free app / music / film… every day from 26th December to 6th January.

So far I have been able to get 1 app downloaded.  At first I thought it was because I was in England and accessing my Belgian iTunes account form there, but the problem persists even now I am home.

I have tried at just after midnight, 04:00 during the day and throughout the evening and just get this reply: ‘Your request could not be completed’.  No explanation why or suggestion of what to do, just ‘Your request could not be completed’.

So this marketing gimmick is a nice idea but it has the inverse effect: it just annoys me!  Most un-apple like! 🙁



MacBook 13″ RAM upgraded to 8GB DDR3

MacBook 13" task-bar

Yep, DDR3 memory is not very expensive any more so I decided to pimp my late 2008 MacBook, the first model with an aluminium uni-body. Off to Amazon where you can order Samsung 8GB Dual Channel Kit (2x 4GB, 204 pin, DDR3-1066, PC3-8500, SO-DIMM) for <45€.

Turn off, unplug, battery out and screw off the back.  2x 2GB RAM out, 2x 4GB in and screw it back together.

That is all it takes.  The longest part was waiting for the Mac to power down and back up again 🙂 !

About this Mac show 8GB RAM

Apparently the Mac OS X Version 10.7.2 has no problem supporting 8GB.  This was not possible when I bought my Mac back in September 2008.

I just need to see if this really makes a big difference.  For iPhoto, where I have <10,000 photos, it certainly makes starting faster.  It should make a difference when Safari is open as that takes a mot of memory for caching.

So if anyone wants 2x 2GB DDR3 RAM, I have them to give away!