Annapurna circuit day 23 Return home

Last day in the Ashram, last Dal Baht, last slugs for breakfast (I won’t actually be missing that at home!)  Today I got a special slug mixture for breakfast and they wouldn’t tell me what was actually in it apart from the usual slug and banana.  It looked like tuna, but it wasn’t; anyway it made the swallowing harder again.  Oh well it was the last dose! Continue reading

Annapurna circuit day 13 Back at the Ashram


Slugs and warm milk for breakfast

Back at the Ashram with crutches so I don’t need 2 people to support me all the time and being spoilt by everyone here.  I am forced to drink hot milk by the ladies in the kitchen, I prefer their delicious Nepali tea but they won’t give it to me!  They also insist that I eat curd after every meal. Continue reading

Annapurna day 12 Evacuation by helicopter

At last the helicopter arrives in Manang

Having spent 139.82€ on my mobile phone yesterday just to get the insurance to send a confirmation that they will pay the bill for the helicopter I was not in a very good mood this morning.  I also didn’t get any sleep as I have to sleep on my back and that since the accident, so my back has also had enough.  1 hour sleep then sit or stand for half an hour before trying to sleep again. Continue reading

Annapurna circuit day 11 The wedding in Braga

Manang rest day

Where we would have a car park, Braga has a horse park for the wedding

I didn’t take anything for the pain last night and didn’t sleep much at all.  The third night of being forced to sleep on my back was taking its toll.  I already have sore heels from walking in my MTB shoes and they are not improving with sleeping on my back all the time.  I tried to sleep on my right side with a pillow between my knees, something I learned when they replaced my hip, but it was too painful.  Ria didn’t sleep well either, I snore when I sleep on my back and she was showing signs of altitude sickness. Continue reading

Annapurna circuit day 10 Pisang to Manang

Lower Pisang to Manang

Distance: 18km

Start height: 3240m Finish height: 3540m Total ascent: Don’t know

Problems: Still can’t use my left leg at all.

New 2 stage bridge with mules crossing

A relatively good night’s sleep and my leg was a little more mobile which was a good sign at first, but, in fact, there was no improvement at all and after breakfasting on buckwheat pancakes I mounted Single Speed for the second day of tortuously slow and painful ride to Manang, BJ’s hometown.  Continue reading

Annapurna circuit day 9 Chame to Pisang

Chame to Lower Pisang

Distance: 15km Start height: 2710m Finish height: 3240m Total ascent: 830

Problems: Can’t stand on my left leg, let alone walk or ride a bike.

A change of vehicle was needed for me today.  I can’t even stand on my left leg and any movement is excruciatingly painful.  No problem! Chame is a relatively big village and they have horses.  Our hotel owner is married to a relative of BJ so he was asked to find a suitable horse (pony) to transport me to Pisang, just 15km away.

My new transport: 'Single Speed' the slowest horse in Chame

A horse was hired for 2 days at 5;000 NPR (+- 50€) per day, not cheap but the only alternative was to walk.  I can’t remember his real name, but I quickly dubbed him ‘Single Speed’.  He was lazy and slow but this really didn’t bother me at all because the route was going to be hard and a quiet steed was the best choice.  Continue reading

Annapurna circuit day 8 Dharapani to Chame & the fall

Dharapani to Chame

Distance: 18km

Start height:1960m Finish height: 2710m Total ascent: 950m

Problems: I fell on my left hip and had to be carried the last 2.5km to Chame!


BJ wades another fast flowing river

It was raining when we set off this morning, for a change 🙁 , but it cleared up after the first hour.  We expected to be able to ride over 60% of the route today so we (BJ & I) started in SPDs and cycle clothes, Ria in cycle clothes and walking shoes as the first part was more portage than riding.  The second part would be more riding so she took her SPDs in her backpack.  As promised the first part had a lot of portage but there were always bits to ride in between so we rode slowly. We had an adventure with a young cow with horns which was startled by our bikes and galloped back up the track nearly crushing BJ and one of the traveling salesmen. Continue reading