The old railway line to Bernkastel-Kues

Veda admires the old town

Veda admires the old town


Today we went for a ride in Germany with Veda.  We drove to Plein, left the car there and rode down the old railway line to Bernkastel-Kues.

Passing through Wittlich, which isn’t anything special, the rest of the route is beautiful.  3 tunnels on the way quite near the start of the ride where they have found a way of protecting the bat community by placing a false roof between the cyclists and the bats so both can use the tunnel together.  Shame they couldn’t do that on the route from Burg-Reuland to Troisvierges!

It is a gentle descent all the way, about 250m of descent over 27km.  We then rode along the Mosel to Ürzig where we took the road up through the vineyards back to Wittlich and back over the way we came.

The road to Wittlich was not fun with too much traffic but climbing up through the vineyards gave us great view of the Mosel valley.

Good ride and quite an easy one



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