The CreamTeam

The original CreamTeam 2008

The Original Team members

The Cream Team comprises of just 5 members, the originals and founders of the Cream Team.  From left to right: André Gallo, Piers Eyre-Walker, Ria Eyre-Walker, Tina Klein and Alois Hoffmann.

To find out more about the founder members just click on their name.



Why ‘CreamTeam’?

The 4 of us Alois, André, Ria and myself have ridden together for quite a long time now and in 2007 I decided to make a website just for fun.  Of course a website needs a name so I had to think of one which had something to do with us.

André is a farmer and delivers his milk to the MUH so we got the cycle shirts from them and called ourselves the Cream Team.

The team has grown over the past years and it is the name we use when entering races or signing up for anything to do with cycling.

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