The Belgian Eyre-Walkers

We moved to the Saint Vith area in South East Belgium in 1987 and have lived here ever since.  We really started cycling in 2002 and have been cycling here and all over the place since then.

You can see where we have been with our travels and where we have cycled on the ‘countries’ page.  We will be cycling as much as possible in the future as well, both MTB as well as cycle touring.



Born in Stone England in 1962 I was lucky enough to have a very good private education at The Royal Shrewsbury Schools and moved to Belgium in 1986 on contract construction work where I met Ria.  We married in 1988 and have I son Christopher.

I work as an Export Sales Manager for Ortis, a company which produces and markets health food supplements based on plants.



Born in Essen (some time after me) and when to school in Antwerpen.  She came to the East of Belgium as a Scout leader, stayed because she liked it but intended to go much further south; but is still here here over 25 years later.

She took up cycling to because I enjoyed it so much and it is a way to spend more time together (I am always away, either for work or cycling) and now there is no stopping her.

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