Nostalgia: Pyrenees 2009

Pyrenees10-61 I’ve been sorting out my photo albums and looking back at some of the great summer cycling we have had.  These 2 were taken by Adam near Torla in the Aragon region of the Pyrenees.Pyrenees10-63

Monschau for lunch


What better way to spend Sunday than on your bike?  We took our tandem and joined up with Mika & Andy on their Mountain bikes to ride to Monschau for lunch.  Cool weather at the start soon turned into pure sunshine and 16°C.  The colours in the Fenn were fantastic, lunch was great and, of course it was a great ride (100,8km and 645m of ascent)

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Night lights

Black hole

We had a beautiful night sky tonight, nearly full moon and thin scattered clouds turned the sky into something out of a sci-fi movie.

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Lytro light field photography

I’ve been playing with Lytro light field photography. Here is a sample photo, the left side fork of my Canyon XC9.0.  Click anywhere to refocus. It should be embedded, but that doesn’t seem to work! The iOS9 app doesn’t work nor does the desktop app in El Capitan.  Seems that Lytro are a bit behind with the development of the software around their futuristic camera.  Pity, because the pictures are quite fun. Link to the photo here

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Big rock

  Up in the Alps a potential client was testing our DWC610E and took this photo for me 😃

Anna Frank Expo

 Jumped on our tandem and rode to Stavelot to see the Anna Frank exhibition. Well worth a visit and a good 79km ride along the Ravel to get there and back. Found a super parking space for our tandem too. (Preparing for later in life 😥)

Our new raised veggie garden

  Our garden is small and overrun with slugs so we asked Alois to make us a raised veggie garden. Sägewerk Hoffmann have everything to prefabricate it and even take into account the slope of the lawn 👌. 

Now we just need to fill it with the autumn leaves and some good, slug egg free, potting soil and we should be good for our own organic veggies next year 😄

The beginning of 4.5l Elderberry schnapps 

  Martha and Ria went out a lunchtime to pick the berries. The ladies in the old peoples home made the juice. Now just sugar, vanilla and a quick boil. Then add 2 bottles of rum. Ready to drink 👌

Botrange forbidden Zone C

 Because Ria is taking the ‘Zone C’ exam to be allowed to lead select groups through the forbidden C zone on the High Fenn, we got the chance to go with her into the Fagne de Cléfaye.  The duckboards are rotten, but the nature is completely unspoilt. A very interesting little walk

Made it

 After 466 km & 11,422m ascent we arrived in none other than the awful Lido di Jesolo on the Adriatic Sea.  The tour was good even if the description in the catalogue was far from accurate 😡. Ria is signing papers to confirm that this is her last TransAlp ⚠️. Now we are looking at the ‘stans’ for the next adventure 🚀😜🚲🚲