Fresh look for Creamteam


Despite the terrible weather I have decided to give Creamteam an new look.  I can’t remember it raining so hard and so long here.  Anyway a quick change of appearance & I hope everything still works 🙂


Side bar back, photos gone

Instant help from 2 beers got my side bar back, but my photo albums are no longer available……. Working on it….

Theme update goes a bit wrong

I just updated my theme and my side bar is now a bottom bar! 🙁

Somehow the sidebar has now migrated to under the rest of the page.  2beers are woking furiously on a fix…..

Veda goes on-line

After loads of hassles I have, at last, managed to get Veda’s blog on-line 😉

He will be putting the last 3 months info on it whenever possible

CreamTeam moves to WordPress

Following Apple’s decision to stop MobileMe in favour of iCloud and simultaneously abandon the iWeb hosting available on MobileMe.  I have decided to move to a much more flexible, and hopefully better, web publisher: WordPress. Continue reading