Big rock

  Up in the Alps a potential client was testing our DWC610E and took this photo for me 😃

Electrical problems

  A faulty component has set us back on the delivery of the our latest Tigercat and caused  about 5,000€ damage by short circuiting the controls. Parts on rush order from Canada but it’s costing us precious time……….

Big machines in Canada

 Tigercats biggest forwarder and 2nd biggest loader. Not really European models 😡 

Good day’s work

2/3 of a job
We unloaded 3 new Tigercat 610E’s today.  I’m spent, but the teamwork with Dieter & Hermann was great.  the First 3 T4 Tigercats have, at last , arrived and are nearly ready to go to their proud new owners 🙂


Driving driving driving

Drove over 3,600km this week in France to fix two relatively simple problems on 2 machines (Tigercat 610s)