New rear gear cable

Nokon gear cableSpent an hour changing the damaged rear gear cable on my beloved Liteville 301 for Nokon aluminium segment ones.  It runs through the frame to get to the rear and the old one was really tight to remove, probably because it was blocked with dirt where it goes from the bottom bracket into the right chain stay.

Advantages of these aluminium segment cables is their flexibility and strength, they are much better for tight bends than the multi-strand wire ones usually used.  The gear change feels really good, but they always do when new so tie will tell 🙂

We’ll see how long this one lasts.  The original ones have done 5,673km; 109,843m and 422hrs of ride time.  It was still running quite well, but I damaged the old one and it was bothering me a bit.

An inside look at the wind park, Amel

Wind park Amel

Wind park Amel

Veda and I were out mountain biking on Sunday and we came across 2 rare things.







  1. Frogspawn.  This seems to be a bit early in the year for Frogspawn so let’s hope it survives the cold spell we are going through now.



  2. We got to see the inside of one of the wind generators at the Amel wind park.  The men were servicing one of the turbines and allowed us to have a floor level guided tour.  Interestingly the turbines have no gearbox, produce AC which is transformed to DC in the turbine before descending to the transformer where it is converted back to AC and leaves the mast at 50Hz.  This is the only way to get clean 50Hz power acceding to the engineer who was guiding us. Each tower is 98m high and it takes 7 minutes to reach the top with the lift.  All 5 are synchronised and work together.  The most complicated part is the 3 motor system to adjust the plane of the 3 propellers.

On top of that we had a good ride apart from Veda slipping and falling on a slippery wooden bridge.  Luckily no lasting damage. 🙂


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