Rest day today

Today was our rest day so we only did 55km and 1,100m of ascent. We rode up to Tamisas and Sant Lucia
The road up padded some beautiful canyons and everything was starting to turn green after a little rain last night. Although the climb was about 6%, where the macadam was rough it was hard work.
The descent fro St Lucia was magnificent and now we are enjoying the last of the sun before going down to the harbour for a drink and to watch the sunset. Easy life 😉


North East Gran Canaria road tour

Today’s data: 89.70km, 1859m ascent, average speed 18km/h, 4h59 in the saddle, problems: 1 flat tyre.

A little greener in the north of the island

Stefan & I both wanted to see something other than rocks and dust which makes up the striking landscape in the south of the island so we borrowed a tour from an Austrian site (thanks for the super tour:-) )  We modified it slightly to start at a point nearer the motorway.

It was really 3 climbs: a small one followed by an 800m one followed by another small one.  The descents in between were great because the corners are cambered quite strongly making them faster and safer.  We were over 1000m at the highest point and in the clouds so it wad just 10°C (23 down on the coast) and a bit wet.  The ride is really beautiful and the bit of rain / damp we had didn’t detract from the enjoyment.

We had a good lunch when we were forced to stop to mend a glass splinter puncture.  A really good ride 🙂


The Tauropass, Gran Canaria

Today’s data: 92.1 km 1606m ascent, 3h58 ride time, and  23.1 km/h average speed.

The long and winding ascent to the Saft Pass

Today was our first tour with the group.  Luckily we were just 8 in total, 4 of whom were Irish, so a perfect number.  We set off from Playa des Ingles and followed the undulating coast road to Porto de Mogan (where we are staying) before climbing about 900m to the Saft Pass.

We stopped for a bite of lunch at a quiet cafe before making the steep descent back ;to the valley.

Once in the valley it is ‘flat’ so we took it in turns to head the ride and battle against the strong headwind.  We were doing 40-43 km/h and I wasn’t able to do my stint at the front as this was just too fast for me. 🙁

After that we returned along the coast road where the undulations had become much bigger since the morning to end back in Playa des Ingles.  It was a good ride, but it was very fast for me.  I obviously need some more training 🙂


Gran Canaria day 1

The only way is up!

Up at 03:30 this morning to catch the 06:00 flight from Dortmund to Gan Canaria the Air Berlin (recommended).  Arrived on time but it took a long time to get our car from Gold Cars. Once we were motorized we set off for Free Motion Bikes n Playa des Ingles.  Arrived and signed all the paperwork and got Our bikes.

Stefan’s Cannondale Super Six Ultegra Di2 wasn’t ready so they gave him an upgrade to a Cannondale Super Six Evo with SRAM Red (very nice :-)) Mine was ‘just out of the box’ and never been ridden. (More about this later when I have ridden some more kilometers on it)

Once kitted out with our bikes we just had to check-in to our hotel Cordial Playa Mogan.  They were very friendly at the reception and we had our room in no time at all.  (No review about the hotel as there are hundreds already written)  We then just had to get changed and get out on our new bikes.  The only way is up (we are on the coast) so we went up to 680m and then back down again.  The roads are good and the Spanish drivers are courteous (something which I didn’t expect, but this is the 3rd time I have noticed it, so I think it must be true of 99% of the Spaniards, thank you all for that.

Once back down we went to the port for a coffee and then back to the hotel.

Today’s data: 46.6 km 894m ascent and a reasonable 20km/h average speed.

Cycling stats 2011

Comparison of Km from 2008 to 2011

2011 has come to an end as far as cycling is concerned 🙁  I had hoped to get out today for a couple of hours of MTB but it was snowing again this morning so the last chance for 2011 is gone.

Of course I completely failed to meet my target (8,000km / 100,000m ascent).  As you can see form the graph my accident in Nepal meant 9 weeks of not being able to ride, so my summer didn’t bring the results needed.

Also we had no 24hr MTB races this year, again!  These 24 hour races are proving to be too popular.  For Duisburg, the start places were all taken within 9 minutes of the portal being opened and, although I was logged in and ready, the fact that I don’t have a German bank account made my application too slow!

Total figures were:


57,882m ascent

253h42m in the saddle

I spent almost equal times on my road bike and my MTB (51% vs 49%)

Distance was, for the first time, heavily biased towards the road (65% vs 35%)

Ascent was also almost equal at 51% MTB vs 49% road.