The Oosteschelde deltawerke flood protection


This is just a part of the huge flood protection scheme the Dutch built to protect the east polders from a catastrophic flood like the one in 1958.  Ria’s uncle Frans lost his leg and several people died during the construction.

Long weekend in Zeeland


This has to be quite the longest bridge I have ever crossed on a bike.  We are in Oostkapelle for the long 1st November weekend.  Yesterday 20km hike and today 80km road biking.  Zeeland is known for its wind, but we have had no wind, sun and calm seas.

11 Steden tocht by tandem

One of the 11 towns

One of the 11 towns

Some may know the ’11 steden tocht’ as a skating race on the canals in Friesland when the weather permits.  I think the last time it was raced was 1998.  It is +-230 km on the canals and dykes.

It is also ‘available’ for cyclists, vintage cars, motor-bikes and almost anything else you can imagine.

We have been planning to ride this route for about 15 years and this last long week end we eventually got around to doing it!  On our tandem, of course.


The data:

292 km (we did a day tour on Terschelling which isn’t part of the 11 Steden tocht.

134m ascent (yes, Friesland is FLAT!)

16 hrs ride time.

It was a great 4 days, although we had to fight against storm-force winds on Friday and Saturday (up to 60km/h head-wind) as well as rain on Saturday.

Some of the photos are here

Day out in Maastricht

Saturday and we are our in Maastricht for a look around and to show Veda a bit of the local colour.  Maastricht was full of Brass Bands jamming on every street corner where there was pub.  Great atmosphere and followed up by supper out on the church square.

Great stuff!