Made it

 After 466 km & 11,422m ascent we arrived in none other than the awful Lido di Jesolo on the Adriatic Sea.  The tour was good even if the description in the catalogue was far from accurate 😡. Ria is signing papers to confirm that this is her last TransAlp ⚠️. Now we are looking at the ‘stans’ for the next adventure 🚀😜🚲🚲

1100m in one go

 Non stop up to pfundererjoch. Really steep and not always rideable. Nearly killed me. The picture is Andy just before the saddle at 2500m

Photos from Genoa


Our weekend trip to Genoa was great fun and the photos are now online.  I even managed to enjoy myself without my bike 😉



We joined Vanessa for breakfast before squeezing into our Cinquecento (not much leg room in the back!) and driving down to Portofino.  The weather was looking better than yesterday so we decided to take a picnic with us and walk from Portofino to San Fruttouso along the cliff path.

A coffee on the waterfront (5.00€!!) and watching the boats bob in the water was very relaxing, although the coffee was priced for the usual millionaire guests and not the likes of us.  Later we discovered that Portofino is a favorite amongst the jet set! Continue reading


After waiting longer than necessary we were equipped with our Cinquecento and set off to meet up with Vanessa in Genoa.  Fog all the way across the Po valley so nothing to see.  The car is fine if a bit low on power: 1.2l petrol producing 51Kw is not going to win any races!

An accident just on the exit to Genoa meant that we were stuck, no problem with a Cinquecento, just squeeze between the trucks and continue to the next exit.  Vanessa was waiting for us at our guest house, Meuble Suisse (read my praise via the link) in the centre of town and just 10 minutes walk from Vanessa’s digs.  the Cinquecento is a perfect car for the narrow roads in Genoa and easy to park, it really is small.

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Just arrived in Malpensa and our cinquecento is just being prepared! They offered me an upgrade for the same price, but of course I refused unless it was a Ferrari; which surprise surprise it wasn’t
Sun is shining so things are looking good…..