Big rock

  Up in the Alps a potential client was testing our DWC610E and took this photo for me 😃

Electrical problems

  A faulty component has set us back on the delivery of the our latest Tigercat and caused  about 5,000€ damage by short circuiting the controls. Parts on rush order from Canada but it’s costing us precious time……….

Before & After



Went into the forest a couple of times this week.

It was muddy so a very big thanks to Veda for cleaning my car this morning. 🙂




Just a good hour from my destination for tomorrow morning. Overnight in Cluny in a quaint Hôtel with cheap rooms and expensive food

Driving driving driving

Drove over 3,600km this week in France to fix two relatively simple problems on 2 machines (Tigercat 610s)


Skidder competition in France

_DSC2480Here is the official video of the log skidding competition we entered with our new Tigercat 610C Mountain Edition. Really well made film and Tigercat came 3rd even though our driver, borrowed from Clohse JP & Söhne is not used so cable skidding and had only driven the machine for 10 hours before the competition!



Center map
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A border control conundrum

A British citizen, a Belgian citizen, a Nepali student studying in Aachen driving a Luxembourg registered car going from France to England. This was a bit complicated for the border control ☺so we got questioned at French customs, British customs and the border control.
Still everyone was polite and satisfied so we are off the Adam & Ying’s wedding

Why are Parisians so impolite?

Why do Parisians have to be so impolite? Ask a simple question and get a push off or just a rude reply. Everyone else in the world seems capable and willing to help. But a Parisian seems to feel obliged to be annoying.


Arrived on Paris this afternoon to join my Estonian clients for 2 days of sightseeing and good times
Our hotel is a little out of town but with easy connections to the centre. Our bus driver from the airport to the hotel was too lazy to get out of the bus to meet us! The hotel is OK. The receptionist was very helpful.
Tomorrow we will have dinner a boat cruise on the Seine. I hope the captain is not too lazy to dock before we have to embark 😉