Awesome MTB film

Fop sent me this link this morning, best watched in HD ūüôā


Gran Canaria West coast GC-200 video

Just uploaded another short video of our ride along the west coast of Gran Canaria. ¬†This is actually the second part of our ‘Loneliest road in Gran Canaria’ ride. Great road which was not very frequented by traffic wit fantastic views of the coast and Tenerife.


The Loneliest road in Gran Canaria CG-210 film

As it was so beautiful I filmed a little of the route for other prospective cyclists.  Watch it here or on YouTube


The most excited MTB commentary ever?

This is really amazing, the rider, Danny Hart, a 19 year old Brit rides the craziest downhill I have ever seen.

The commentary is also given by the most excited commentator I have ever heard.  The last sentence is well chosen!

Happy New Year Fop

Fop is not the only one to be having warm weather and a great time!  Watch this little video message:


Concrete Circus

This is just amazing:

Annapurna circuit day 21 Reunion meal

Today we had a little reunion from our Annapurna adventure.  We invited all who were involved with their families.  We had to negotiate the enormous flooding in Thamel.


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