Kite boarding

Mark launching himself into spaceWent out to try to catch some shots of the kite surfers and kite boarders on Manly Beach in the setting sun with Christopher last evening.

The conditions were really good with a strong cross-shore wind and choppy waves to launch off.  this is Mark, a surf photographer, kite boarder and friend of Christopher, launching himself.  they were getting really high jumps.  Great stuff to watch 🙂

Sunset over Sydney

Sunset over Sydney Opera HouseThis was what we saw on our way to dinner last night.  Sad that we have to leave so soon

Altitude restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Shangri-La viewOur Christmas and my birthday present from Chris & Freya was a surprise, we went with them on the evening ferry from Manly to Sydney, catching the sun setting over the city on the way; but we didn’t know what was in store for us.

Just a few hundred meters from Circular Quay is the Shangri-La Hotel with its Altitude Restaurant on the 36th floor.  This was our present!  A meal at a window-side table looking out over the Opera House and Bridge.

4 Starters, A choice of 3 main dishes followed by 2 deserts all accompanied by their respective wines.  Fantastic food and good service to go with the spectacular view.

What a night 🙂

This was the menu: Epicurious menu

Cycling over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Barbour BridgeWhile out the other day cycling with Ria we crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge to get a view of the Opera House from a different angle.

It was well worth it 🙂

Sydney Opera House

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Don’t mess with me

Met this guy down at Kennett River

Wouldn’t want to pick a fight with him though, looks like he has been working out quite a lot recently






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Waiting for 2015

We were out at Long Reef Point this evening on the golf course to see the New Year in and watch the fireworks over Dee Why.

This was our last sunset of 2014.

The fireworks were also very good 🙂

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A different Tandem

IMG_3991Back in Queenscliff now and Ria and I took another sort of tandem ride this afternoon.  We hired a K2 kayak and paddled out to Quarantine Head, Manley which is where all arrivals in Australia were checked and quarantined before being allowed to enter Australia.

We passed innumerable VERY expensive boats, some bigger than our house! (and certainly more expensive)

This was the first time in over 30 years that I have kayaked, and I loved it.  Of course, back in the day, we never had water this warm or so much sun, that was more ice floating the river and temperatures of around 10° max!

Australia photos now uploaded

Our first glimpse of the SOH, magnificent

Our first glimpse of the SOH, magnificent!

I have just uploaded 50 odd photos of our trip to Australia where we visited Fop and Freya.  We spent Christmas with Freya’s family at Elizabeth Beach before going back down to Freshwater for the New Year.

We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We will certainly be returning 🙂

You can see the photos by clicking here.


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