Photos from the Terai and the opening of the new kitchen

The photos have been updated with a selection of the photos Ria made in the Terai and at the kitchen inauguration

Veda arrives

Ria and Veda arrived early this morning, half an hour before the estimated arrival.

Veda & Ria arrive in Zaventem

Annapurna circuit day 20 Ashram life

Ama hands out sweets on the birthday

11 days since my fall and I am getting more mobile even though I still can’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time because I am uncomfortable lying on my back.  This really has no relevance as I have nothing to do all day and can sleep here and there, no problem. Continue reading

Annapurna circuit day 15 Thinking back

I now have more time to reflect. I can’t do anything useful here except help Ria with Veda’s German and then only for the vocabulary as my German grammar is 0

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Annapurna circuit day 13 Back at the Ashram


Slugs and warm milk for breakfast

Back at the Ashram with crutches so I don’t need 2 people to support me all the time and being spoilt by everyone here.  I am forced to drink hot milk by the ladies in the kitchen, I prefer their delicious Nepali tea but they won’t give it to me!  They also insist that I eat curd after every meal. Continue reading

Annapurna circuit day 2 Arrival in Kathmandu

Arrived at KTM airport intact but lacking 29hours sleep!  The bikes arrived safely as well (always a relief after my bad experience with Ryanair and Tenerife.  As promised, and I had no doubt whatsoever, Veda and Prem were there to greet us.

Children in the garden


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