Great place for hiking

Had a really great weekend around the Müllertal last weekend.

The Oosteschelde deltawerke flood protection


This is just a part of the huge flood protection scheme the Dutch built to protect the east polders from a catastrophic flood like the one in 1958.  Ria’s uncle Frans lost his leg and several people died during the construction.

Long weekend in Zeeland


This has to be quite the longest bridge I have ever crossed on a bike.  We are in Oostkapelle for the long 1st November weekend.  Yesterday 20km hike and today 80km road biking.  Zeeland is known for its wind, but we have had no wind, sun and calm seas.

Nostalgia 2011 Annapurna, Nepal

I was going over the old stuff again, reminiscing, and came across the film clip I made during our fateful attempt to ride the Annapurna Circuit in the rainy season.  We crossed landslides, mudslides, rivers and went through waterfalls on the way.  Never a dull moment 🙂


1100m in one go

 Non stop up to pfundererjoch. Really steep and not always rideable. Nearly killed me. The picture is Andy just before the saddle at 2500m

Hertz car rental

just arrived for a stopover in Calgary to get a mail from Herz telling me they don’t have a car for me!  Brilliant. What should I do ? Walk?

I just deleted their app from my phone to be sure they don’t get my business I the future. Should have bought my bike! 

At least KLM had excellent service on the flight here. Even bike on their goblets 


train already late so I missed the connection in Utrecht and now the following train is also delayed. I hate train travel

Now there is a car on the line and the train isn’t going to get to Schiphol. Don’t know if I’ll catch my flight at all 😡


Just a good hour from my destination for tomorrow morning. Overnight in Cluny in a quaint Hôtel with cheap rooms and expensive food

Photos: Prague to Porec by Tandem

_DSC6553At last I have managed to upload the photos of our summer tandem ride from Prague to Porec following the Benjaminse route.

We did 1,024km; 9,922m and were for  64h01min in the saddle.  Really enjoyed the whole trip with Ria and Ronny I think Slovenia was the most surprising country.  Great scenery, friendly people and really not touristic at all.

Next year we will be parking our tandem and going back to MTB for a TransAlp with a load of our MTB friends from our Saturday group.  Should be goooood 🙂

The place to go out in the Antwerp area

Duvel 1,50€. Only the company is a bit quieter than elsewhere