The Oosteschelde deltawerke flood protection


This is just a part of the huge flood protection scheme the Dutch built to protect the east polders from a catastrophic flood like the one in 1958.  Ria’s uncle Frans lost his leg and several people died during the construction.

Long weekend in Zeeland


This has to be quite the longest bridge I have ever crossed on a bike.  We are in Oostkapelle for the long 1st November weekend.  Yesterday 20km hike and today 80km road biking.  Zeeland is known for its wind, but we have had no wind, sun and calm seas.

Monschau for lunch


What better way to spend Sunday than on your bike?  We took our tandem and joined up with Mika & Andy on their Mountain bikes to ride to Monschau for lunch.  Cool weather at the start soon turned into pure sunshine and 16°C.  The colours in the Fenn were fantastic, lunch was great and, of course it was a great ride (100,8km and 645m of ascent)

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Anna Frank Expo

 Jumped on our tandem and rode to Stavelot to see the Anna Frank exhibition. Well worth a visit and a good 79km ride along the Ravel to get there and back. Found a super parking space for our tandem too. (Preparing for later in life 😥)

Serious rider

Trying to look serious after 330km (in 4 days)

Cycling over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Barbour BridgeWhile out the other day cycling with Ria we crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge to get a view of the Opera House from a different angle.

It was well worth it 🙂

Sydney Opera House

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Photos: Prague to Porec by Tandem

_DSC6553At last I have managed to upload the photos of our summer tandem ride from Prague to Porec following the Benjaminse route.

We did 1,024km; 9,922m and were for  64h01min in the saddle.  Really enjoyed the whole trip with Ria and Ronny I think Slovenia was the most surprising country.  Great scenery, friendly people and really not touristic at all.

Next year we will be parking our tandem and going back to MTB for a TransAlp with a load of our MTB friends from our Saturday group.  Should be goooood 🙂

Park on the left

ParkingI wonder how long it will be before I can park one space to the left?

We were in Heimbach today to ride round the Rursee Talsperre.  Good ride, not the best we have had for scenery but I think we have seen so many fantastic places that we didn’t do this one justice.  It’s a good ride anyway and there were plenty of others out enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

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How to make an old man happy (& yourself too)

Jos back on his bike

Jos back on his bike

If you want to make an old man happy, take him out of the old peoples home and go for a bike ride with him.

We were up in Antwerp again this week end.  We still have some tidying up to do but it was such a gorgeous day we had already planned to take Ria’s father out for a ride.  He is actually happy in the old peoples home , he just misses riding his bike.

So we took him out for a ride in the countryside around Nieuwmoer where he knows just about every rideable road and track.  We just went for an hour, but that was exactly what he needed.  Very satisfying to make someone so happy with something so simple and doing something you love to do yourself at the same time!IMG_3074

Next summer tour Prague to Porec

Our planned rout for summer 2014

Our planned rout for summer 2014

Just starting to make the initial plans for our summer holiday:

Train to Prague, ride our tandem through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia; take the boat from Porec to Venice and fly back.

About 950km and 2 decent passes to cross. 🙂

Can’t wait!