Siskin suicide attempt

When I got up yesterday I was just opening the curtains when I heard a gentle tap on our french window.  I’ve heard that sound before but never when the curtains were closed.  Sometimes we get birds who think that they can fly through our house only to crash into the closed window [maybe Ria should clean them less?] this little Siskin knocked himself out, but was still breathing so I picked him up and kept him warm in my hand for about 10 minutes as he started to come around.  Once he opened his eyes again I put him in the garden where he was well camouflaged.  15 minutes later he was flying again 🙂


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Our new raised veggie garden

  Our garden is small and overrun with slugs so we asked Alois to make us a raised veggie garden. Sägewerk Hoffmann have everything to prefabricate it and even take into account the slope of the lawn 👌. 

Now we just need to fill it with the autumn leaves and some good, slug egg free, potting soil and we should be good for our own organic veggies next year 😄

Fridge balance

 Beer balance in the fridge looks about right now. Having tracked down a crate of the elusive Duvel Tripple Hop 👌🍺⚠️

Spooky moonrise

_DSC9975I was too slow setting up, the picture would have been better just as the moon came out over the treetops, I had to retrieve my tripod from Ria’s telescope and set up, by then the moon had risen a bit too high, even so, it was a great moonrise

A quiet evening at home 


Good walk

The picturesque church of Weweler

The picturesque church of Weweler

We were out today with Veda, on foot for a change, 🙁 as Ria has some preparation to do for a class next week.  Great walk around Burg Reuland on a beautiful sunny day

Evening sky

Just had a beautiful sunset, didn’t last long though 🙁

Sunset over Saint Vith

Sunset over Saint Vith

Good bye Jack

Jack in her favourite position

Jack in her favourite position

On September 17th Jack would have been 15 years old.  Unfortunately she had Cushing’s disease which is incurable. She was a faithful companion and had us very well trained over the years.

She kept cats out of the garden, chased thousands of tennis balls relentlessly in her younger days, kept Nelson in line when he was still alive, she owned the sofa, she was always there to jump up and greet us when we came home, she spent hundreds of hours ‘helping’ in the garden…..and she never gave up

She’s gone now but we will miss her a lot and never forget her.

Bye bye Been

Don’t want another week like that

We are back from good ol’ Blighty. I usually love to go home and see the family but this was a visit I don’t want to repeat.  We were there to attend the funeral of our nephew Hugh.

Hugh is the same age as Christopher and his life was tragically and abruptly ended in a car accident.

There aren’t any words to say but I suppose we should celebrate his life rather than mourn his death, but that is not easy.

Rest in peace Hugh.

Independence Day

Today is Independence Day for Veda! For the first time in his life he is fully independent, he is staying in his new digs in Aachen, cooking for himself and free to do whatever he wants.