The beginning of 4.5l Elderberry schnapps 

  Martha and Ria went out a lunchtime to pick the berries. The ladies in the old peoples home made the juice. Now just sugar, vanilla and a quick boil. Then add 2 bottles of rum. Ready to drink 👌

Botrange forbidden Zone C

 Because Ria is taking the ‘Zone C’ exam to be allowed to lead select groups through the forbidden C zone on the High Fenn, we got the chance to go with her into the Fagne de Cléfaye.  The duckboards are rotten, but the nature is completely unspoilt. A very interesting little walk

Fridge balance

 Beer balance in the fridge looks about right now. Having tracked down a crate of the elusive Duvel Tripple Hop 👌🍺⚠️

We also have ‘Team Ironing’

  Winner takes half 😜😊

Kirmes in Atzerath

  Everyone is welcome for a round of ironing 😎💪 winner takes all ⚠️

Malmedy trails. RDHF

 Had a great ride out with the @Zooks Cycling team. I guess it was about 80% single trail. We had to do some portage too due to fallen trees and a few places where you couldn’t  ride at all. 

A good 40km and over 1.200m of ascent and to crown the day we found the elusive Duvel Tripple Hop for a well earned drink after the ride 🍺 🚲 👌

Breakfast in Scotland 

  I could get used to this 😊. Even he coffee is good, which I didn’t expect

My sort of B&B

  As the name implies the ‘Old Library’ is a resturant with rooms. And what a resturant it is. Highly recommended 😃

Best B&B

  Probably the best B&B I have ever stayed at. Rumanian owners who have made every effort to make our stay perfect. 

On our way to the Hebrides 

  The only place colder in Europe today is the very north of Finland 😭