Botrange forbidden Zone C

 Because Ria is taking the ‘Zone C’ exam to be allowed to lead select groups through the forbidden C zone on the High Fenn, we got the chance to go with her into the Fagne de Cléfaye.  The duckboards are rotten, but the nature is completely unspoilt. A very interesting little walk

Malmedy trails. RDHF

 Had a great ride out with the @Zooks Cycling team. I guess it was about 80% single trail. We had to do some portage too due to fallen trees and a few places where you couldn’t  ride at all. 

A good 40km and over 1.200m of ascent and to crown the day we found the elusive Duvel Tripple Hop for a well earned drink after the ride 🍺 🚲 👌