Hiking weekend

The lonley Fenn in Winter

We had the entire group from Ria‘s Peru trip come over to East Belgium for some hiking this weekend.

Yesterday they went into Germany around Bleialf, today we went into the Fenn.  It snowed all day but the nature was still so beautiful and where we hiked was virgin snow.  Fantastic to break through fresh snow that sometimes comes up to your knees,but pretty hard work especially as the ground underneath was nor frozen but boggy.  Still it was a great weekend and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.IMG_5666 IMG_5665


  Rare sight in Northern Europe, and my favourite coffee 🙂

New hobby

Having damaged my Achilles heel running for a plane I didn’t catch, thanks to AA [no, neither Alcoholics Anonymous nor the Automobile Association but American Airlines] I was looking for another sport to replace cycling and hiking while my heel mends.  Cut a long story short: skateboarding!

And here it is: my ‘born again’ sports machine all the way from Hawaii.  Superbly crafted and ready to take on the not so smooth Belgian tarmac.  I already feel 10 years youngerThe package The board boy Topside Bottom side

Nostalgia 2011 Annapurna, Nepal

I was going over the old stuff again, reminiscing, and came across the film clip I made during our fateful attempt to ride the Annapurna Circuit in the rainy season.  We crossed landslides, mudslides, rivers and went through waterfalls on the way.  Never a dull moment 🙂


Nostalgia: Pyrenees 2009

Pyrenees10-61 I’ve been sorting out my photo albums and looking back at some of the great summer cycling we have had.  These 2 were taken by Adam near Torla in the Aragon region of the Pyrenees.Pyrenees10-63

Monschau for lunch


What better way to spend Sunday than on your bike?  We took our tandem and joined up with Mika & Andy on their Mountain bikes to ride to Monschau for lunch.  Cool weather at the start soon turned into pure sunshine and 16°C.  The colours in the Fenn were fantastic, lunch was great and, of course it was a great ride (100,8km and 645m of ascent)

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Night lights

Black hole

We had a beautiful night sky tonight, nearly full moon and thin scattered clouds turned the sky into something out of a sci-fi movie.

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Lytro light field photography


I’ve been playing with Lytro light field photography. Here is a sample photo, the left side fork of my Canyon XC9.0.  Click anywhere to refocus. It should be embedded, but that doesn’t seem to work! The iOS9 app doesn’t work nor does the desktop app in El Capitan.  Seems that Lytro are a bit behind with the development of the software around their futuristic camera.  Pity, because the pictures are quite fun. Link to the photo here

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Big rock

  Up in the Alps a potential client was testing our DWC610E and took this photo for me 😃

Anna Frank Expo

 Jumped on our tandem and rode to Stavelot to see the Anna Frank exhibition. Well worth a visit and a good 79km ride along the Ravel to get there and back. Found a super parking space for our tandem too. (Preparing for later in life 😥)