After waiting longer than necessary we were equipped with our Cinquecento and set off to meet up with Vanessa in Genoa.  Fog all the way across the Po valley so nothing to see.  The car is fine if a bit low on power: 1.2l petrol producing 51Kw is not going to win any races!

An accident just on the exit to Genoa meant that we were stuck, no problem with a Cinquecento, just squeeze between the trucks and continue to the next exit.  Vanessa was waiting for us at our guest house, Meuble Suisse (read my praise via the link) in the centre of town and just 10 minutes walk from Vanessa’s digs.  the Cinquecento is a perfect car for the narrow roads in Genoa and easy to park, it really is small.

Checked in to the guest house we went to eat a pizza and visit the harbour.  Genoa is full of beautiful buildings and, even though it is built pretty much on a cliff, the centre is easy to walk through and reasonably compact.

We finished up the evening going to a local restaurant which was basic cafeteria style but excellent food.  Vanessa had booked a table, which was a good thing because the restaurant was packed and we wouldn’t have been able to get a place without booking.

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