Out in the countryside

Jackson's coppice

Darcy, my Father’s dog, and I were out in the countryside again today for a walk in woods and fields.  Complete peace and quiet for 2 hours is really great.  We only met a tractor, some deer and a few rabbits!

We went along the lane to Jackson’s coppice which we used to call Badger Wood because there were, and still are, badgers there; surprisingly enough!  It is now part of the Wildlife Trust so it has been tidied up and there is a trail around the edge with seats.  From there we just went up and round on a big loop to arrive back at home a good hour and a half later.

Toad stool

We saw some deer and came across this magnificent fungus:

All without a drop of rain; in fact there has been far to little rain here in the past month and I don’t think I have ever seen it so dry and dusty.

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