Back to my roots

Heath House

I am back in good ol’ Blighty to visit my parents, particularly my mother who is just home after a broken head of femur and 6 weeks in hospital.  I grew up here and my parents have lived here for nearly 50 years (50 next September).

It is always great to come back here, no telephone because the GSM network doesn’t reach this isolated place, but we do have Internet and I have just changed the modem for a WiFi one so I can use my laptop when here.

I went out this afternoon for a walk with Darcy, my farther’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, and we explored the places I used to play all those years ago.  It was really quite reassuring to see that not much has changed over all those years.  We found a damson tree so laden with ripe fruit that the branches were on th point of breaking, they were delicious!

These simple things are so enjoyable, Dad’s wonderful garden, the peace and quiet, the nature and the English countryside in sunny weather (rare here), when you can detach from the rat-race of everyday life.  I should do this more often.

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