Annapurna circuit day 23 Return home

Last day in the Ashram, last Dal Baht, last slugs for breakfast (I won’t actually be missing that at home!)  Today I got a special slug mixture for breakfast and they wouldn’t tell me what was actually in it apart from the usual slug and banana.  It looked like tuna, but it wasn’t; anyway it made the swallowing harder again.  Oh well it was the last dose!

I’m now in the business lounge KTM airport and we are 3.  I’m here because my insurance rebooked my ticket even though I said it wasn’t necessary and I get business class plus assistance.  The guy quite near to me is wearing a shirt from some charitable development programme.  I wonder if the people who sponsor this programme know he travels business class at their expense?  It seems a little over the top to actually advertise the fact that someone else has given money to a charity / development programme and that money is going into business class tickets and not development and then to advertise the fact by wearing a polo shirt embroidered with the programme.  Maybe I am too sceptical and he paid his ticket with his own money and is just a proud sponsor himself.

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