Annapurna circuit day 21 Reunion meal

Today we had a little reunion from our Annapurna adventure.  We invited all who were involved with their families.  We had to negotiate the enormous flooding in Thamel.


Our meal with all our crew

It was a great evening and we were really pleased that everyone came (sooner or later due to the weather)  An extra plus was the BJ was in Thamel in the afternoon and was spotted by Liam.  We met Gina and Liam in Manang and spent 2 days in their company, they really helped to cheer us up. BJ invited them to join us in the evening so that was a big surprise!

After eating we went to Tom & Jerry’s for a final beer or 2 and to check that Frederick and Fop’s flag had been embroidered and hung up.  Tom & Jerry’s have a rule that if you can drink you way through their entire cocktail menu (20!) before midnight, they will embroider your name on your county’s flag.  They were the first Belgians and had to provide the flag themselves the next day, but it was on display as promised.

Fop & Fred's belgian flag at Tom & Jerry's, Thamel

A great evening!

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