Visa4UK ripoff

I’ve just been looking at the cost and work involved to get Veda a visa for the UK.

You can do it online: good

They require your biometric data: bad!  Not ‘bad’ because it does prevent fraud but you have to go to Brussels to have you fingers scanned and a digital photo of you face.  No problem BUT you have to do this every time you apply for a visa and it costs 124€ on top of the visa application fee.

Now that is a ripoff!  I can scan his fingers and take a photo for slightly less!  If they encrypted the data and gave it to you could use it again and again and again, but then they wouldn’t make so much profit.

We could apply for a long term visa but that is more expensive and much more likely to be refused.  If it is refused you don’t get a refund on the difference between what you are given and what you applied for!  A normal visa is valid for 6 months, but you can apply for 2, 5 & 10 years and the cost goes up with increasing validity.

Oh and you can expect to wait 3 months to get an answer!  That is not the sort of service I expected from Her Majesty’s Border Agency.

We will see what happens…

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