Annapurna circuit day 4 Final preparation

Liteville ready for travel

Today we are going back to KTM to visit the German Embassy and thank Mrs Kochalski for all her help in getting Veda’s visa so he can study his Master’s Degree at the RWTH in Aachen.  We will then meet up with BJ and Ranjan for the Annapurna briefing and go out for a meal with them, Prem and Veda.  Oh, and we have to get the jacket I forgot yesterday for Ria!

We had our final shopping and then met with BJ, Ranjan, our guide Suraz and the new guide Zaggar who is learning the route for the first time, a bit like us then!  During the briefing we discovered that we should have left the bikes packed 🙁 and that we would be picked up at the Ashram at 08:00 on Tuesday.  An early start then for me as I need about 2 hours to pack the bikes.

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