Helinox Eureka chair one vs. Thermarest Compack chair

IMG_3101 IMG_3103I bought the Helinox chair one after our trip to Venice in 2013 because a chair was probably the thing I missed most.  I then bought the Thermarest Compack chair because Ria also needs one 🙂

The Helinox plus points:

  • super quality
  • light (<1,00 kg)
  • unbelievably comfortable
  • seat height is good

The Helinox minus points

  • bulky compared to the Thermarest


The Thermarest plus points

  • super compact
  • very light (<200g)
  • surprisingly comfortable

The Thermarest minus points

  • you sit on the floor


We haven’t actually used either of them yet so I can’t give a winner today.  The both have advantages and disadvantages, weight is always a concern but I want a comfortable chair and the Helinox is more comfortable.

We’ll see which is a winner after our trip from Prague to Porec…..

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