Santos Double travel arrives, first impression

Our traveling tandem

Mellow Yellow

We went up to Arnhem today to collect our tandem from Roelofs Tweewielers.  Of course we had to test it as soon as we had it home and I had put everything back together.

Just 30 km but enough to show that we are going to be enjoying this bike together for a very long time.

1st impression:

Like: quality of the components, the thought gone into the design (place for 6 bottles, using a 17 tooth sprocket on the Rohloff hub, durable wheel rims with carbide coating, high quality racks …..)

Dislike: The frame is a standard, fits all model with unnecessary cable attachment nubs: it is the same frame if you have disk brakes or a 27 speed gear change.  I would have preferred to have had these removed.  All the cables (Rohloff gear changers and brake hoses) are too long and messy on the cockpit side.  I’ll probably shorten them all myself as I have to look at the mess all the time while riding 🙁

We’ll be out on it again this weekend so more impressions to follow…..

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