Santos Double Travel tandem

Santos Double Travel

Our bike collection is about to get bigger. We have ordered our tandem from Santos.  A Santos Double Travel touring tandem with Rohloff Speedhub 14 speed.

Ours is yellow!

I really wanted it with Gates carbon drive to be virtually maintenance free, but Santos haven’t released a carbon drive frame yet.  You can’t really convert a bike either, as you have to make a cut in the frame to install the belt because it is not joinable like a chain.

We are expecting delivery at the end of July so we will probably pick it up after the MTB Pyrenees trip.

Our first big tour will be next summer when we will ride from Atzerath to Rome, returning with the bus or train.  We’ll be carrying our luggage but sleeping in hotels.  Expect more on this subject once we have done some smaller weekend tours.

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