Banff Film Festival

I wish I’d planned my trip better. I have to return home tomorrow and the majority of the films will be screened during the second part of the week. I’ll just have to catch it when it comes to Belgium

Banff National Park

Came up to the top of Sulphur Mountain to clear skies, loads of Asian tourists and beautiful views all around. Banff National Park is breathtakingly beautiful. I’m actually here to see the screening of Chris Eyre-Walker’s film ‘Dreamwalkers-The Faroes Project’ at the Banff Mountain Film Festival screening for the first time this evening. Really excited to see what the sold out, almost 1000 seat, cinema will bring as reaction.

Banff Mountain Film Festival

The view from the Banff Centre. So chuffed to be here to see all these awesome films, just finding it difficult to adjust to the 7 hours time difference

A bit of bird watching

This weekend we are up in Antwerp to visit Ria’s father and friends. What better reason to spend the night at Biesbosch Nature Reserve and see some of the migratory birds on their way to better weather for the winter

Mukla being attentive

Mukla posing during his short weekend at our place

Another test

Wow just keep trying

Great place for hiking

Had a really great weekend around the Müllertal last weekend.

The Oosteschelde deltawerke flood protection


This is just a part of the huge flood protection scheme the Dutch built to protect the east polders from a catastrophic flood like the one in 1958.  Ria’s uncle Frans lost his leg and several people died during the construction.

Long weekend in Zeeland


This has to be quite the longest bridge I have ever crossed on a bike.  We are in Oostkapelle for the long 1st November weekend.  Yesterday 20km hike and today 80km road biking.  Zeeland is known for its wind, but we have had no wind, sun and calm seas.